Chunkies with Chicken

Weight: 415 gr

Complete and digestible food studied for a balanced diet of cats. The small chunkies with chicken are cooked in oven and added with vitamins A, D3 and E, without artificial coloring, preservatives or added sugar.

Nutritional Information

Meat and meat-by-products (chicken 10%), cereals, minerals, vitamins.

Moisture 80%, Raw Proteins 8,4%, Raw Fats 6%, Raw Fibres 0,8%, Raw Ashes 3%

Nutritional Additives: Vit. A 2000 U.I./Kg, Vit. D3 160 U.I./Kg, Vit. E (alpha-tocopherol 91%) 5 mg/Kg.
Technological Additives: Densifiers and jellifying agents.

For a medium size cat (3-4 kg), 415 grams of product shared in 2/3 meals. To be served at room temperature, or warmed. Keep in refrigerator after opening. Do not give the product too cold. Always leave fresh and clean water available to the animal.