Scented Sepiolite Litter

Weight: 10 Liters - 20 days use

Scented LeChat is the cat litter that combines excellent environmental properties with a pleasant lavender fragrance, for even more convenient indoor use.
It is made from a mineral – sepiolite – which also has the natural property of immediately absorbing liquids deposited in the tray, neutralising unpleasant odours and inhibiting the development of germs and bacteria. Scented LeChat emits a delicate fragrance of Provençal flowers, giving a sense of hygiene and cleanliness. It’s perfect for domestic use, as it does not stick to the cat’s paws and leaves no marks on floors or fabrics. Completely non-toxic, the litter is safe for all the family and can be used in any room.
Its totally natural composition means it respects the environment.

Nutritional Information