The LeChat Excellence product range continues to expand! From today, on the shelves of the best supermarkets alongside the traditional oven-cooked chunks, you’ll find single protein source flakes and mousses, in all kinds of new flavours to satisfy the needs and preferences of even the most picky cats. Different cooking methods enhance the flavours and nutritional properties of the ingredients to give our furry friends a balanced diet every day. What’s more they’re Made in Italy, free from cereals and made with no cruelty testing.

Here’s a list of all the flavours available:


  • Only Rabbit
  • Only Chicken
  • Only Turkey
  • Chicken with Peas
  • Turkey with Carrots
  • Only Beef Chunks
  • Only Pork Chunks
  • Only Buffalo Chunks


  • Kitten – Rich in Salmon and Chicken
  • Adult – Rich in Salmon and Chicken
  • Adult – Rich in Chicken and Pork
  • Sterilised – Rich in Chicken and Liver
  • Sterilised – Rich in Tuna and Pork

In other words, 13 new recipes waiting to be tasted!