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Cruelty-free quality

Cruelty-free quality

Monge has always been close to our animal friends in all possible ways to guarantee their wellbeing. In the first place their nutritional wellbeing, but not only.

Our quality system implements a specific control on the entire production chain. We are UNI EN ISO 9001: 2008 certified and thus we subject all of our production steps and the selection of suppliers to a series of checks that guarantee the quality of the raw materials and the genuineness of all our proposals for a healthy and balanced diet.

For this reason Monge guarantees that all our products are Cruelty-free in all processing phases. Furthermore, none of our suppliers of raw materials carry out any type of forced experimentation on animals.

The special Cruelty-free guarantee of our products is faithfully printed on the packages and has been one of our main values ever since 1963. And it couldn’t be otherwise! We are one of the most long-lived companies in the sector in Italy and we are rewarded each and every day by the trust of the families who nourish their dogs and cats with Monge products.

The only test that we perform on our products is the most natural one possible: “the dish test”. We let our four legged friends decide whether or not a product is good. And they understand good quality and wellbeing!


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