The innovative Monge BWild line is expanding with two new wet products for cats: Irregular Cut Chunks in gravy and Pâté Terrine.

Monge has developed 12 delicious new recipes designed for cats of all ages and lifestyles. The Irregular Cut Chunks in gravy, which are the only wet products enriched with XOS prebiotics to support intestinal wellness, are now available in 6 tasty recipes. The savoury steam cooked Pâté Terrine with lots of fresh meat chunks are also available in 6 flavours.

The animal protein source has been combined with a mix of vegetables to provide your cat with the right amount of vegetable fibres, which regulate the intestinal transit, and to guarantee a greater variety.

The new BWILD wet products for cats are a complete and balanced pet food formulated without cereals, containing alternative sources of carbohydrates. They are Made in Italy, cruelty-free and free from added dyes and preservatives.


Monge BWild irregular cut chunks in gravy (85g pouch):

Monge BWild Paté Terrine (100g tray):

Ask for them in your trusted pet shop or garden centre.