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Monge Natural Cat

Monge Natural Cat

From Monge experience comes a complete line of foods with high nutritional value for domestic cats. Based on the research conducted over years of extensive studies, the range has balanced and extraordinarily attractive formulations. Each product is rich in natural ingredients of the highest quality with no artificial colourings or preservatives. The ingredients are carefully selected and encourage the daily intake of everything that our friends need.

Balanced and customized nutrition

The new Monge Natural Superpremium Quality line meets the nutritional needs of the house cat based on age, lifestyle and specific needs. So, our friend receives every day all the necessary to his well-being from his favourite food. The formulations are very tasty, rich in fresh meat or fish selected by our experts. Digestion is facilitated by natural and balanced ingredients fortified with vitamins and minerals which are essential for proper development and maintenance. Your cat will always be protected by your care and nourished by recipes designed just for him.

100% natural recipes
All formulations contain wholesome ingredients selected with care.

Rich in Omega-3
Essential fatty acids essential to counteract inflammation.

With no additives, colourings or preservatives

The absence of chemical ingredients preserves the body and aids digestion.

Very high-quality ingredients

Selected meat and fish are the basis of healthy eating.

Discover all Monge Natural Superpremium Quality products for your cat.

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