Here’s yet another new product from “Monge, the Italian pet food family”.
It’s LeChat Excellence cat litter, 100% natural and made using 100% Italian maize, grown exclusively in Piedmont, combined with a plant and mineral-based active principle.

LeChat Excellence cat litter guarantees maximum comfort and hygiene for your cat thanks to its special particle size, designed to prevent the litter sticking to your cat’s feet and being spread beyond the litter tray; its clumping formula means it becomes compact in less than a minute.

But these are not the only benefits!
The new litter, available in 2.5 kg packs, does not release dust which can damage the respiratory system, and this is why it’s also suitable for kittens; what’s more, it contains an active principle that breaks down the molecules responsible for unpleasant smells, so it doesn’t mask odours, it eliminates them!
This is a long-lasting, biodegradable and eco-friendly product which can be disposed of with organic waste or flushed down the toilet (maximum 1 clump at a time).

Available from early June in the best supermarkets and hypermarkets.