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New Easy Green organic cat litter

New Easy Green organic cat litter

There’s exciting news in the Monge family, and it’s this: from today, the new plant-based Easy Green cat litter is available in the best specialist pet shops.

Easy Green litter is 100% environment-friendly and biodegradable, because it’s made from special highly absorbent clumping plant fibre, eco-compatible and low-impact, sourced predominantly from Italian crops.

But Easy Green is not just eco-friendly! Thanks to specific natural active principles, it also inhibits the formation of unpleasant odours; it doesn’t scratch floors or damage carpets, and what’s more, it can be disposed of in the toilet or the compost bin and is lightweight and easy to transport.

In fact, Easy Green is a truly unique litter: it cares for our cat, for us and for the environment, and it’s made in Italy.

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