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VetSolution for Dog

VetSolution for Dog


VetSolution is a line of dietetic complete feed for animals intended uses of particular nutritional purposes (Directives 2008/38/CE). MONGE VETSOLUTION is enhanced by a new generation of prebiotics (Xylo-oligosaccharides). The line of dry diets contains melon juice concentrate, a natural source of primary antioxidants to neutralize free radicals (like superoxidedismutasi), meanwhile the wet line diets contain free-nucleotides to support the immune system. All MONGE VETSOLUTION diets have also been formulated without cereals. MONGE VETSOLUTION combines those important concepts to ensure the maximum efficiency of each dietetic feed.

Grain Free Formula

All MONGE VETSOLUTION have been formulated without cereals. The grain free formula approach helps to limit the digestive workload, optimising the specific particular nutritional purpose of each dietetic food. Common starch sources are replaced by alternative ones like: tapioca, potato and pea starch.

X.O.S. Prebiotics

Xylooligosaccharides (XOS) are non-digestible carbohydrates that reach the colon and work as nutrients for intestinal microbial flora. XOS resist gastric acidity and gastrointestinal tract enzymes. XOS are not absorbed but fermented by intestinal microorganisms and allow a selective growth of the intestinal flora. XOS can also support, by a complementary action, the physiological mechanisms of gut and regulate intestinal transit.

Juice Melon Concentrate (DRY LINE)

Animals with particular nutritional purposes are usually related to an increased production of free radicals. This overproduction of free radicals is associated with a direct action on lipid, protein and cellular DNA, increasing the negative metabolic processes. The juice melon concentrate, a natural source of primary antagonists of free radicals (like the superoxidedismutasi), acting as primary antioxidant barrier, to neutralize the free radicals.

Nucleotides (WET LINE)

Dietary nucleotides are essential for the nutritional support of immune system, intestinal tract, and for the promotion of nutritional restoration in pets. Free-nucleotides, obtained from hydrolysed yeasts, serve a marked role in rapidly proliferating cells where they are necessary for gradual nutritional restoration. Scientific substantiation of nucleotide supplementation in animals has been reported to improve the maturation and development of the intestinal tract as well as immune function.

Fit-aroma® Advanced Process Technology

The advanced process technology in MONGE VETSOLUTION products contain combines a phyto- ingredient coated by aromatic fatty acids, supplying taste and wellness simultaneously. The Fit-aroma® in MONGE VETSOLUTION dietetic food are designed for high biological performance at low inclusion level, by progressive and continuous release. The compositions are selected for ideal absorption through the intestinal tract. The unique technology of coating aromatic lipids around the phyto-ingredient, ensures a modulated release at intestinal level triggering its action and benefit. The Fit-aroma® composition allows bioactive molecules (that are normally not able to resist the manufacturing process) to be used in dietetic feed with optimal bioavailability.

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