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Video Monge_official

Video Monge_official

Your waiting is over! The video by Monge is now on air on our you tube Channel and on Facebook.

We take this opportunity to thank all the protagonists of our short story: the actors Marta Di Matteo and Ramon Branda and the sweet dog Andy and the cuddly cat Pan.

This short film is dedicated to all of you who are going to be involved in the wonderful adventure of having a dog or a cat for the first time, but also to those who remember that joyful moment.

Step by step you’ll realize that they live for you and understand the human contradictions because animals sense everything.

They will rejoice with you, but also suffer a lot when they feel invisible to your eyes.

Our message is this: try to really see them and they will nourish your love.

To see the short movie click here.


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