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Volvo chooses Monge

Volvo chooses Monge

Monge, the leading Italian company in the pet food sector, has been chosen by Volvo, international front-runner in the production of next-generation commercial vehicles, as an example of a partnership between businesses engaging effectively in policies for the environmental impact reduction.

To communicate the synergy between the two companies, Volvo has produced a video interview with CEO Domenico Monge, filmed at our headquarters and along the roads of our extraordinary local area on-board our means of transport, all strictly Volvo.


Volvo and Monge are united by the same philosophy which aims at a sustainable future.

From the beginning of the 1980s, Monge chose Volvo vehicles for its fleet: they are powerful, safe and highly fuel efficient (and with Euro 6 engines, particulate emissions have been halved and nitrogen oxides reduced by almost 80%).


 Energy and recycling

We are careful not to waste energy resources and to optimize every aspect of corporate life: this is what sets us apart, every day.
To further reduce climate impact, Monge produces over half of the power needed to operate the company through its photovoltaic systems installed on the roofs of its premises.
The similarity between the two companies continues even when it comes to recycling: the tins produced by our establishment (Km 0) are 100% recyclable, and a truck at the end of its working life can be recycled up to 90%.

The partnership between Volvo and Monge shows that it is possible to give priority to a dynamic which enable us to respect our Earth.
For us, the love of animals goes hand in hand with environmental protection. These are the values that Baldassarre Monge handed down to his own children and grandchildren, still actively engaged first hand in the business, and are shared with everyone else working alongside him.

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