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Zoomark 2017

Zoomark 2017

Zoomark International 2017 was a very peculiar event for our Company which confirmed the brands growth in Petfood market.
This important exhibition was an opportunity to introduce the new lines and products’ restyling that will enter the market in next months.

Among the news:

The Wet line of Monge Vet Solution
The Monge Monoprotein morsels for cats
The Monge Monoprotein Wet line for dogs
Monge dry Monoprotein for dog and cats
Grain free line for dog and cats

In our booth, one of the biggest of that exhibition, we welcome more than 1200 guests coming from 18 different countries and we met new and old friends and celebrities like Fripon of “Rocca dei Patous” ; the gorgeous main character of the well-known film “Belle e Sebastien”.

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