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An italian story

An italian story

Commitment, enthusiasm, experience and great obstinacy are the keys to the Monge company’s success. Qualities possessed first and foremost by its Founder, Baldassarre Monge, who in 1963, with modesty and a spirit of sacrifice, realized the great potential of the pet food industry.

The company’s story is an Italian story, but one of another era, because nowadays Monge is a company active in Italy and more than 70 foreign markets, with great prospects for growth.

It all began in 1963 with a challenge: to produce high quality food, testing it personally with the typically Piedmont scrupulousness that distinguishes all the members of the Monge family engaged in the company.

“We have worked hard, we have never spared ourselves, we have made the right choices, and above all, we are all convinced that we should never lose sight of a basic principle: the quality of the product”.

“Life is a wonderful adventure; unfortunately, I’m the opposite of Gigliola Cinquetti*, I’m too old”.

These are the words of Baldassarre Monge, which clearly illustrate the founding values of the extraordinary Made in Italy enterprise that is Monge today.

*Note: “Non ho l’eta (I’m not old enough”) song by Gigliola Cinquetti.


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