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New Grain Free for dogs

New Grain Free for dogs

The 2 new references Grain Free with Duck and Potatoes and Grain Free with Anchovies, Potatoes and Peas complete Superpremium Dog Line with recipes closer to a natural diet, rich in protein and without cereals, whose objective is the well being of animals.

Highly tasty and digestible, they have a great protein value and they contain selected meat or fish not used in any of other our products.

These are some of their advantages:

  • No Cereals
  • Seawed – natural contribution of Calcium and Vitamin B12
  • Ginseng – anti-ageing action
  • Pineapple – anti-inflammatory
  • Chondroitin and Glucosamine – correct articular development

Moreover these are 100% italian products, with no food coloring, no preservatives and cruelty free.

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