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BWild: nature calls, follow your instinct.

BWild: nature calls, follow your instinct.

Nature teaches us to keep on improving ourselves. It’s the evolutionary principle par excellence. This is the philosophy behind the new BWILD Feed the Instinct Monge Natural Superpremium line, a range of innovative, top quality products designed to provide cats and dogs with a diet that follows the “rules of nature”. Products created to amaze our faithful four-legged friends who want something with a taste that’s completely different to the usual, and which is able to meet all their nutritional requirements. The main ingredient is quality meat, such as venison, wild boar, ostrich, anchovies and hare.

Cats and dogs descend from carnivorous animals, and their diet consisted of prey they hunted themselves. Even if thousands of years have passed since they were domesticated, their dietary needs have remained unchanged, since from an anatomical point of view they are still carnivores who require a diet rich in animal protein.

This is why the key feature of BWild products is a superior protein supply, with 65% animal origin ingredients, high meat content and fewer carbohydrates. The delicious taste is also enhanced by forest fruits and herbs, rich sources of valuable nutritious elements and natural fibre, essential for a balanced diet. As with other Monge Natural Superpremium products, BWild also contains X.O.S., the super prebiotic that stimulates the growth and activity of intestinal flora.

BWild products will be available in the best pet shops and specialist stores only.

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