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Monge VetSolution

Monge VetSolution

Monge VetSolution is a line of dietetic complete feed for animals intended uses of particular nutritional purposes (Directives 2008/38/CE).

All MONGE VETSOLUTION diets are enhanced by a new generation of prebiotics (Xylo-oligosaccharides) and contain melon juice concentrate,  source of primary antioxidant. All MONGE VETSOLUTION has been formulated without cereals. MONGE VETSOLUTION combines those three important concepts to ensure the maximum efficacy of each diet.

JUICE MELON CONCENTRATE  fonte di super oxide dismutase
Disorders are related to an increased production of free radicals. The juice melon concentrate, source of super oxide dismutase, as antioxidants, is much more efficient in preventing cell and tissue damage initiated by reactive oxygen species, such as superoxide.

X.O.S. Prebiotics
Xylooligosaccharides (XOS) are non-digestible carbohydrates that withstand digestion and reach the colon where they stimulate growth and/or activity of beneficial microbial species. 

Fit-aroma advanced process technology
The advanced process technology in MONGE VETSOLUTION products contain a Fit-aroma®, a functional phyto-ingredient coated by aromatic fatty acids, supplying taste and wellness simultaneously. 

Grain Free
All MONGE VETSOLUTION have been formulated without cereals. Common starch sources are replaced by alternative ones: tapioca, potato and pea starch.

VetSolution food are produced with ingredients Made in Italy and guaranteed no cruelty test.

It is important to always follow the advice and instructions of your vet when it comes to defining the best diet for your pet.

Monge VetSolution products are available in the best pet shop and specialist shops.

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