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Dog News

Monge Natural Superpremium is a real success! Here are the new products for cats and dogs.

It is our core mission to develop new products which provide our four-legged friends with a complete and balanced nutrition. In full respect of our nutritional philosophy, we are proposing you the following new tasty recipes Made in Italy, cruelty-free and without added dyes and preservatives. For your dog: All Breeds Adult Trout Monoprotein – … Read more

Special Dog Excellence Monoprotein Fruits becomes Grain Free

The wet product line Special Dog Excellence Monoprotein Fruits is now grain free. Rice has been replaced with tapioca, guaranteeing even greater quality for your dog. We have also given our packaging design a fresher look, matching the Monoprotein Special Dog Excellence line already available. The products are all monoprotein, cruelty-free, Made in Italy and … Read more

Monge BWild Grain Free: also avalaible from today, chunks irregular cut in gravy for dogs

The innovative Monge BWILD Grain Free product line is expanding, with chunks irregular cut in gravy for dogs: recipes formulated without cereals, using alternative carbohydrate sources such as potato, peas and tapioca. The recipes are available for dogs of different sizes, ages and lifestyles, to guarantee a dedicated and balanced diet for every individual animal. … Read more

Excellence doesn’t stop! 3 new varieties for our four-legged friends.

Made with our passion for quality and our love of our four-legged friends, the successful Excellence product line continues into autumn 2018 with two brand-new varieties for dogs and one for cats; all will appear soon on the shelves of the best pet shops, supermarkets and hypermarkets. Cats will at last be able to enjoy … Read more