From today the Special Dog Excellence line is expanding its range of kibble for mini-sized dogs, putting even more flavour and wellness in the bowls of our four-legged friends.

Small dogs have specific nutritional needs, and with this in mind we’ve developed two tasty new varieties: Special Dog Excellence Mini Adult with Turkey and Special Dog Excellence Mini Adult with Tuna.

Complete balanced diets, highly digestible and appetising; all the raw materials are of superior quality and meat remains the primary source of animal protein.

What’s more, they’re formulated using ingredients that are perfect to support day-to-day wellbeing, such as linseed, a source of fatty acids and Omega 3, for healthy skin and fur; citrus fruits, high in vitamin C, to boost the physiological function of the immune system, the prebiotics FOS and MOS for intestinal health and, for easy chewing, the kibble is smaller, suitable for the teeth and jaws of your mini dog.

Choose Made in Italy quality and No Cruelty testing.

You’ll find Special Dog Excellence on the shelves of supermarkets, hypermarkets and traditional pet shops!