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Monge Natural Dog

Monge Natural Dog

The taste of a natural and tailored nutrition. Healthy and balanced recipes for your dog’s well-being.

The well-being of your dog according to Monge Natural Superpremium Quality line involves a balanced diet, depending on its size. We have considered several aspects that you too will learn by trusting those that since many years offer tasty recipes rich in natural ingredients which are essential to the daily health of your dog. All the formulations offered are ideal for controlling the specific weight of each dog, also depending on age and activity.  Meat of the highest quality, proteins, fats, vitamins and minerals are the basic elements for each day. You will no longer need to worry about determining what is best for your dog because Monge Natural Superpremium Quality will do it for you and your pet, be it small, medium or large.

Small dogs are those below 8 kg. These pets never cease to amaze us with their liveliness and joy. Surprise them as well with delicious food just for them.

This category includes dogs between 8-10 kg and 25 kg. These are the most suitable pets for a family with children and, like our babies, need the same love and special care.

They are the “giants”, with a weight between 25 kg and 50 kg. Their size often means a high-energy demand. However, it should be taken into account that even a large dog needs a balanced diet.

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