Monge Natural Superpremium is a comprehensive range of products, including single animal protein options for your four-legged friend’s nutrition. In fact, there are numerous recipes formulated with a single protein source, ideal for particularly food sensitive dogs or those who are intolerant or allergic of certain kinds of meat. You can choose from recipes containing salmon, lamb, pork, duck, rabbit or chicken. All of these are complete and balance foods, packed with all the nutritional elements your dog needs to stay healthy. The Monge Natural Superpremium range pays particular attention to Extra Small and Mini sizes of dogs, as well as formulas for puppies and more generally for All Breeds.

The single animal protein products in the Monge Natural Superpremium diets range are available in the best specialist stores and pet shops.

Our top quality single protein recipes are as follows:

Extra Small Adult Salmon and Rice;

– All Breeds Adult Light Salmon and Rice;

Mini Adult Salmon and Rice;

All Breeds Puppy and Junior Salmon and Rice;

All Breeds Adult Salmon and Rice;

Mini Puppy and Junior Lamb and Rice;

Mini Adult Lamb, Rice and Potatoes;

All Breeds Adult Lamb, Rice and Potatoes;

All Breeds Adult Pork, Rice and Potatoes;

All breeds Adult Duck, Rice and Potatoes;

All Breeds Adult Rabbit, Rice and Potatoes;

All Breeds Adult Chicken, Rice and Potatoes;

All Breeds Adult Active with Chicken