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Monoproteic Pateas and Monoproteic with Fruits

Monoproteic Pateas and Monoproteic with Fruits

Monge Superpremium presents brand new Monoproteic Patés SOLO and Monoproteic Patés with Fruits. 14 delicious recipes with only one protein, 21 ways to choose a new paté, unique for its quality and palatability and sold in practical packages of 150, 300 and 400g.

All patés contain carefully selected meats and MONGE FRUITS are enriched with fruit extracts and pieces. Here are already available flavours:

Wild Games
Lamb and Blueberries
Duck and Raspberries
Rabbit, Rice and Apple
Chicken, Rice and Pineapple
Chicken, Rice and Apple Junior
Turkey, Rice and Citrus Fruits

MONGE Superpremium Monoproteic Patés are 100% Italian product, highly palatable, rich in Vitamins A, E and D3, one-protein guaranteed: only one type of meat for each recipe. And naturally, with no dyes, preservatives, added sugars or hydrogenated fats.

Hurry up and discover them in the best specialty stores and pet shops and take advantage of the exceptional launch price!



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