The Excellence of Made in Italy Food for Pets.


LeChat and Special Dog Excellence add new lines of kibble and now offer a fuller range.

Seven recipes for dogs and two for cats have been designed to meet each pet’s different needs.

The Daily range for the day-to-day nutrition of dogs and cats is now joined by the new Diet lines: Gastrointestinal, Obesity and Dermatosis. They are designed for pets with specific problems needing a customised diet plan, and supplemented with Fit-aroma to enhance their wellbeing with a delicious taste, as well as with XOS natural prebiotic for healthier intestines and an antioxidant effect.

The Single-Protein Pork and Potatoes Medium Adult recipe is a full meal with a single protein source, so each recipe contains one type of meat. It is supplemented with FOS and MOS for healthy intestines, as well as oranges and flax seeds, natural sources of vitamins and antioxidants. Its ingredients of the highest quality ensure unique palatability and digestibility.

The Grain Free Duck and Potatoes recipe is rich in protein as well as fruit and vegetables packed with fibres, vitamins and minerals, favouring the health and wellbeing of our pets with a Grain-free, Soy-free and Gluten-free diet.

And last but not least is the Wild line, containing over 60% of animal protein. It includes unique recipes featuring ancestral meats, forest fruits and herbs. This Potato-free and Low-Grain meal gets as close as it can to nutrition in the wild.

Below is the list of new lines and recipes that you can find on the shelves of the best supermarkets and hypermarkets.


Dog Kibble:

  • Diet – Gastrointestinal (All Breeds)
  • Diet – Obesity (All Breeds)
  • Diet – Dermatosis (All Breeds)
  • Single Protein – Pork and Potatoes (Medium Adult)
  • Grain Free – Duck and Potatoes (All Breeds)
  • Wild – Boar (All Breeds)
  • Wild – Ostrich (All Breeds)

Cat Kibble:

  • Wild – Anchovies (Adult)
  • Daily – Salmon (Adult)


The Sterilised line for cats can be found in a new size featuring new graphics to match the new packaging.
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