Monge Natural Superpremium is a real success! Here are the new products for cats and dogs.

It is our core mission to develop new products which provide our four-legged friends with a complete and balanced nutrition.
In full respect of our nutritional philosophy, we are proposing you the following new tasty recipes Made in Italy, cruelty-free and without added dyes and preservatives.

For your dog:

All Breeds Adult Trout Monoprotein – available in 2 […]

Are you looking for a single-protein food for your cat? Try the new Monge Monoprotein Paté.

Another novelty for our little friends with a refined palate: the soft and delicious steam cooked Pâté Monge Natural Superpremium Monoprotein, a complete and balanced pet food.

The new Monoprotein Pâté are now available in 5 different flavours, each formulated with a single animal protein source. In addition, they are grain-free and formulated with potatoes as […]

Monge BWild Grain Free: now available irregular cut chunks in gravy and paté terrine for cats.

The innovative Monge BWild line is expanding with two new wet products for cats: Irregular Cut Chunks in gravy and Pâté Terrine.

Monge has developed 12 delicious new recipes designed for cats of all ages and lifestyles. The Irregular Cut Chunks in gravy, which are the only wet products enriched with XOS prebiotics to support […]

The Monge family is growing: the new Leo’s are here!

The latest arrival in the Monge family is now available: the new line of Leo’s wet foods, with 6 delicious recipes for dogs and 6 for cats. They’re specially formulated to provide our furry friends with the nutrition they need, and totally Made in Italy.
The new Leo’s are complete foods; tender chunks oven-cooked in a […]

The new Monge BWild is here! When nature calls, follow your instinct

2020 begins with a fabulous new product for Monge Natural Superpremium, the top-quality Monge line: the brand new Monge BWild Grain Free and Low Grain, launched in response to the demand for increasingly innovative products to meet the dietary needs of our four-legged friends.

Dogs and cats have an inborn desire to run and roam outdoors. […]

2 FABULOUS NEW PRODUCTS now available in the LECHAT EXCELLENCE line: mouthwatering FLAKES and exquisite MOUSSE!

The LeChat Excellence product range continues to expand! From today, on the shelves of the best supermarkets alongside the traditional oven-cooked chunks, you’ll find single protein source flakes and mousses, in all kinds of new flavours to satisfy the needs and preferences of even the most picky cats. Different cooking methods enhance the flavours and […]


Monge is further expanding the range of flavours in its Single-Protein line with three new products for discerning cats:

Only Beef Single-Protein Flakes
Only Buffalo Single-Protein Flakes
Only Pork Single-Protein Flakes

Just like the existing products in the line, available in the best pet shops, the brand-new Monge Single-Protein Flakes are a complete, balanced food, formulated with a single […]

Monge Superpremium Cat, New 10 KG Size!

The assortment of Monge Natural Superpremium cat dryfood is enriched with the new 10 kg pack in addition to 400 g and 1,5 kg sizes. An increasingly complete range able to satisfy the needs of those who own more than one cat.

The 10 kg packages are available in 6 different recipes:

Kitten Chicken
Sterilised Chicken
Sterilised Monoprotein – […]

A mouthwatering new product! From now on, Monge Grill is for cats too!

With 7 new products for Kitten, Adult and Sterilised cats, Monge presents the new Monge Grill chunks, oven-cooked and formulated to be closer to a cat’s natural diet, enriched with vitamins and minerals for a complete, balanced meal and made exclusively using fresh meat and fish to delight the palate of the most exacting cats!

The […]

From today VetSolution is a complete range

Following on from the success of the dry food, Monge’s VetSolution range expands to include 9 brand new dietetic complete pet foods: 4 for dogs and 5 for cats.

Now on the shelves of the best specialist stores, the new recipes are formulated for animals for particular nutritional purposes.

For dogs:

Dermatosis (for Support of skin function in […]