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Cat News

New Monge Natural Superpremium Dry Food: Always one step ahead.

The new Monge Natural Superpremium range is the result of many years’ experience in the pet food industry. The improved formulas and even more complete recipes are presented with smart, clearer new graphics that emphasise the special features of each recipe, making it easy to choose the right food for your four-legged friend. A total … Read more

Monge Fruits

Monge Superpremium line, a signature for high quality products only, expanded the product range with new 80 gr. cans Monge Fruits, 12 delicacies 100% natural for fussy cats, 6 recipes with delicious Pacific Tuna and 6 with Delicate Chicken, enriched with fruits and aloe to guarantee a balanced supply of natural vitamins of fruits and F.O.S. The line … Read more

New croquettes for cats

The Production Department has come up with an improved Monge Superpremium Adult Cat croquettes, which is about to go into production. The croquette, which was the shape of a small ring, will now be the shape of a lentil. This improvement to the croquettes provides more satisfaction for the cat, and therefore a better palatability of the product. Recent … Read more

For your cat

Gemon High Premium Quality, made from raw materials of highest quality, is the new line of food dedicated to the daily wellbeing of your cat. Special products, formulated with valuable elements, rich in protein, vitamins and mineral salts essential for your four legged friend’s daily nutrition and to ensure healthy, balanced growth over time. Recipes … Read more

LeChat Excellence Mousse

The High Daily Nutrition for our friends cats is today LeChat Excellence Mousse, three recipes rich in high quality meat with quality grain, ideal for specific types of animals:   ADULT – With duck and buckwheat STERILIZED INDOOR – With rabbit and spelt SENIOR – With salmon and spelt The three products enrich the LeChat … Read more

LeChat Gusto Tris

Let yourself be captivated by the sympathy of the LeChat Gusto Tris kitten! The great Monge classic has a new look. The white kitten of LeChat Gusto Tris is a great Monge classic. With his red bow and sympathy has accompanied generations of domestic cats and families. Today, thanks to the restyling of the image, … Read more

Monge Natural Cat

From Monge experience comes a complete line of foods with high nutritional value for domestic cats. Based on the research conducted over years of extensive studies, the range has balanced and extraordinarily attractive formulations. Each product is rich in natural ingredients of the highest quality with no artificial colourings or preservatives. The ingredients are carefully selected and … Read more